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The Process 

1. Enquire about our availability as soon as you know your wedding date. I will then send over our wedding brochure.

2. We will send you an initial quote to give you an ides of costs.


3. Secure your date with £100 deposit.

4. Cake sample boxes can be posted directly to your door.

5. We would love to book a consultation in with yourselves at a mutually convenient time. We offer phone consultations. Usually we do this around 4 months until your wedding. Alternatively we can finalise through email to bring your wedding cake to life. 


Cake Tasting

Our sample boxes give you the opportunity to taste some of my popular cake flavours along with exclusive wedding flavours for you to narrow down your choices.


Two option of cake tasting  boxes available to order here: Cake Tasters 

We only offer these cake tasting boxes at certain times of year.

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