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About Lucy Claire Bakes

I'm Lucy and I would like to introduce myself, it has been a dream of mine to open a baking business, also known as “The Baking Empire” to my family and friends! When I was young I would bake brownies, mainly because I’m very greedy, but it was also the go to dessert for all the family to dig in to. I was ridiculously hyperactive, and my parents wouldn't let me have any sort of caffeine or artificial colourings - I was even deprived of smarties! Baking was the only thing that I could concentrate on, and still to this day, I can sit for hours and hours decorating a cake or making batches of cookies without being distracted. Wherever my life leads, I'm always drawn back to baking and my love of smelling (and eating!) freshly baked goods, as well as covering the kitchen in flour! One day, I hope you'll indulge in some of my baked goods!

Lucy Claire Bakes, is a combination of my favourite things including decorating bespoke cakes and brownies.

  • Celebratory cakes - individually designed and made to order, including Wedding, Birthday, Christening, Anniversary and many more! Refer to the cake menu for all the flavour options - hopefully there's one to your liking!

  • Brownies - flavours tailored to your preference, they melt in the mouth and are to die for, even if I do say so myself!

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