Surprise Biscuits

After what has been and still is an unprecedented, devastating, rollercoaster of a year, we wanted to send out some very special biscuits to 100 heroes of this pandemic. I don't like being too specific on the guidelines because this year has changed everyones lives but I want to recognise some very special people:

Frontline workers, anyone that has really struggled during this pandemic with mental health, loss of family member, loss of job, struggling small business owner, volunteers doing incredible things.

This is FREE and will be completely ANONYMOUS. The parcel will contain a rectangular biscuit (see below for what the biscuit will look like), note.

Note with the biscuit will say:  

"You have been nominated by someone who wants to recognise you for being brave, amazing, important and wonderful. Stay strong."

(Unfortunately we don't have the capacity to send personal messages)


Words on the biscuit:

"Thank You" or "You are Amazing"

 We will send as many as possible but cannot guarantee your nomination will receive a biscuit. Biscuits will be sent from 26th Jan to 20th February. One nomination per person.

Biscuits contain: Gluten, Milk, Eggs & Soya (may contain traces of nuts). Suitable for vegetarians. Bisuits will be send 2nd Class to recipients, they will stay fresh for up to 2 weeks. We will do our best to notify yourselves when a biscuit has been sent.